October 23, Friday


1:30 - 2:30 pm Plenary Session - Facebook Live

2:45 - 3:45 pm Learning Session - Facebook Live

4:00 - 5:30 pm Interactive Learning Session - Zoom

There will be 15-minute breaks in between each session.

Plenary Session - Facebook Live

Ira Reyes

Ira is the Country Human Resources Managing Director of Accenture in the Philippines.

In her role, she oversees the full spectrum of human resources strategy. She leads the people and culture agenda for the Accenture business in the Philippines. Ira and her team ensures that talent and leadership priorities are aligned with Accenture’s growth ambition.

Ira has more than 30 years of experience in human resources and organizational development. She started her career as a training associate at Caltex Philippines, and since then, assumed roles with increasing responsibilities. Among her career highlights was being Unilever’s HR Director for Southeast Asia and Australasia of Global Marketing. She has also held key HR roles with DHL, Coca-Cola, Caltex and Philip Morris International, Philippines.

Learning Session - Facebook Live

Coach Apa Alviar


A Leader’s Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic (and more)

We live in unprecedented times.

The current health issue continues to challenge companies across the globe. While some organizations aim to simply survive, how come others have found keys to thrive?

Join Coach Apa as he shares the confessions of "pandemic presidents", leaders who utilize Strengths to navigate their organizations through the VUCA environments they find themselves in. Discover essential strengths-inspired tips to meet the four needs of your followers and lead them through whatever challenges you will face in the future.

Interactive Learning Session - Zoom

Each Interactive Learning Session can accommodate 95 participants.

The teaching parts of each session will be recorded. Participants will have access to the recordings through the Strengths Philippines Conference Private Facebook Group.

Dr. Margaret A. Alabi


A Way of Being That Works for You and Your Career

Understanding what is and is not working can be complex. These can be obvious or it can be much deeper and systemic.

Coach Margaret will guide you as you craft your unique Strengths Formula so that you can build on your potential for long-term success. During the session, you will also discover how you can aim your strengths, for your personal and professional advancement, by cultivating your awareness of the pivotal moments that life gifts you.

Coach Amit Gupta


The success of a Manager is measured by the output they generate through the efforts of their team. To achieve this goal, a leader should be able to get the best out of each team member, starting with themselves.

Coach Amit’s session will help you discover how to become an authentic leader. He will also talk about how the Strengths philosophy is used to build successful teams that consistently delivers high performance.

Mr. Sunshine


Build Resilience and Thrive in A Crisis through Strengths

Excelsior means onward and upward! In this VUCA era, we need to be able to transform our company from one that focuses on systems and processes to a culture that leads through strengths.

Coach Maxim, more fondly known as Mr. Sunshine, will share his own experiences as he built Lovian Inc., a company based in Indonesia. Learn how a curious MIND, compassionate HEART, and courageous HAND, can help you grow your company and develop your employees. You will also discover how a strengths-based culture can help your company thrive, even during a crisis.

Coach Miguel Lanuza


Coach Miguel will share his journey in implementing Strengths from within the company. He will talk about his failed attempts, what he learned along the way, and how he got to where the company is today -- rolling out Strengths nationwide.

In this session, you will discover ways to go beyond the “feel-good” experience of Strengths and how this can be concretely tied to your organization’s objectives. Learn the concepts of “Build, Buy, and Borrow” and use these to partner with others to achieve company goals.

Coach Marivic Bathan & Coach May SJ Soriano


The Journey of the First Strengths-based School in the Philippines

Creating a culture does not happen overnight. It takes a great amount of dedication and intention, for the whole organization, to develop the culture they desire.

During this session, Coach Marivic and Coach May will share stories of how a strengths-based culture leads to more committed individuals, as well as its impact on their personal and professional lives. Discover the strategies and structures used by the Children Paradise Montessori School (CPMS), which helped them become part of the Hall of Fame as the Most Trusted Montessori School in Metro Cebu. You will also learn what “heartwork” is and how this, paired with strengths, develops their people and contributes to the team’s performance.