October 24, Saturday


1:30 - 2:30 pm Plenary Session - Facebook Live

2:45 - 3:45 pm Learning Session - Facebook Live

4:00 - 5:30 pm Interactive Learning Session - Zoom

There will be 15-minute breaks in between each session.

Plenary Session - Facebook Live

Paul Allen

Paul Allen is the CEO and Founder of and

He became an "accidental entrepreneur" in the early 1990s. This ignited his passion for entrepreneurship. Since then, he has founded 8 companies and taught entrepreneurship and internet marketing in two universities. He coaches and mentors founders of companies who want to make a positive impact in the world.

Paul worked for Gallup from 2012 to 2017 as a Global Strengths Evangelist. He strongly believes in the pioneering work of Donald Clifton and spends a lot of his time spreading the strengths message to audiences all over the world.

He helped lead the strengths movement worldwide during his time in Gallup. He continues to do this through and by being a speaker in hundreds of keynote speeches, workshops, and training events.

Learning Session - Facebook Live

Architect Isabel Berenguer Asuncion & Coach Cristina Alafriz


Reinforcing your Strengths Through your Spaces

Our talents and strengths determine how we work, live, and interact with others. When we personalize our spaces to fulfill the needs of our talents and strengths, we become more inspired and productive.

Join Architect Isabel and Coach Tina, for this Facebook Live Learning Session, and gain insights on how you can create functional, productive, and inspiring spaces that will support your well-being and performance.

Interactive Learning Session - Zoom

Each Interactive Learning Session can accommodate 95 participants.

The teaching parts of each session will be recorded. Participants will have access to the recordings through the Strengths Philippines Conference Private Facebook Group.

Coach Martin Fres Fausto


Matching Personal Financial Decisions and What You’re Good At

Coach Martin will conduct a workshop on one of the most common taboo topics amongst family, friends, and colleagues -- MONEY. He will share more than a decade’s study on common Filipino money behavior and knowledge, together with his experiences from investing in the stock market in a light and fun way.

Join him for a session on Zoom and learn the 3 Basic Laws of Money and how you can have a better relationship with it while using your strengths.

Coach Niño Mendoza & Coach Lillibeth Vazquez


Experience the Fellowship

Strengths is often used to empower individuals and teams in their various roles and goals.

We are invited to reflect on using Strengths in one major, but sometimes neglected, component of our lives: FAITH.

Join Coach Lillibeth, Coach Niño, and the Coaches of Strengths and Spirituality Philippines for an interactive discussion as they talk about the synergy of Strengths and Spirituality in their lives. They will share their experiences with their united purpose as God-centered Strengths Coaches. You will also discover how your Strengths can deepen your Spirituality and how your Spirituality can support your Strengths.

Coach Erwin Romen Medina


Learn how to effectively get things done through Coach Erwin’s personal productivity framework: E (Efficiency) x E (Energy) x E (Effectiveness).

During this session, you will receive productivity tips, and gain better understanding of your personal energy cycle and focus area. The session will also enable you to creatively apply your talents to each component in order to get maximum results.

Coach Val Baguios III


Planning and developing a career can be a challenging experience. There are many possibilities to choose from and opportunities to consider.

Coach Val will help you understand the internal factors that play a role in our career-related decisions. He will share how using your talents can help you gain clarity for your career. You will also discover the next steps to building a career that is aligned with your strengths.

Coach Celine Sugay


Let Your Relationships Sparkle

What does it feel like when your relationships sparkle?

Journey with Coach Celine and explore how our talents impact our personal and professional relationships. She will share what she has learned from her personal experiences, and from her experiences as a Positive Psychologist. You will also discover simple techniques and ways you can intentionally use your strengths to build and grow relationships that sparkle.