If you have been yearning for time to pause, relax and reflect during this Advent Season

in the company of friends and Strengths Coaches and Advocates

Come right on in. You are welcome here!

Celebate Peace, Hope, Love, Joy and our own unique strengths that deepen our spiritual connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Let us strengthen and uplift each other in this season of hopeful anticipation!

Retreat Details - This retreat is open for all!

Pray at your own pace (Suggested prayer materials for your consideration will be released in pages in this site at the start of day). Suggested prayer matters would include a theme for the day, prayer matters, a sharing/reflection from a Strengths Coach and some guide questions for reflection.

We would recommend a 45-60min quiet prayer time to pray over the materials. We would also recommend you journal the highlights of your prayers and reflections.

Topics For Each Day:

Day 1 - Available now


Day 2 - Available now


Day 3 - Available now

Joy and Love

Join Strengths Coaches for community prayer and sharing

We have a Viber Community for those interested in Strengths and Spirituality. We will be sending reminders about the retreat to this group chat, as well as try to answer any questions you may have. :) We will also listen to and consider your kind suggestions. (Join Viber Community here)